Orion's bespoke fleet management solutions

Orion's bespoke fleet management solutions

Orion's bespoke fleet management solutions

Having a hard time securing the availability of your fleet and keeping a grip on costs? Is fleet management a distraction for management?

If the profitability of your company and customer satisfaction depend on the performance of your business critical fleet,  the way you manage your fleet is an essential business driver. It can mean the difference between becoming a market leader or struggling to keep up with competition.

Outsource your fleet management, optimize the performance of your fleet and reduce your cost at the same time.

From consultancy to full outsource

Orion can offer you a range of services. From consultancy services, where we help you obtain useful insights and recommended management interventions, to a fully outsourced solution.

In a fully outsourced service, our trained professionals take over the management of your fleet and optimize its performance (availability and costs), providing you with the necessary insights to optimize your fleet performance. Orion Fleet Management uses its proprietary fleet management platform ‘OrionGrip’, which is used by over 500 workshops in the Netherlands and with whom Orion has Service Level Agreements (SLA) and price arrangements in place. ‘OrionGrip’ offers you all the insights you need to be in control.

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